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Tae Kwon Do - Korean Martial Art

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Taekwondo Classes

Classes at 7 Flags Fitness Center in Clive.
6:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings

Classes at Plymouth Church in Des Moines.
6:30pm on Monday and Thursday evenings and Saturday 10:30am

Master Instructor

Master Tony E Dillon-Hansen started taekwondo study in 1994 in Iowa City with Master Yong Pak family martial arts and Hawkeye Taekwondo. Since then, he has been teaching all ranges of ages and abilities in Iowa City and Des Moines areas while training for competitive sport taekwondo. He has competed locally as well as NCTA, AAU, and USA Taekwondo tournaments (Poomse Team Trials qualified 2009-2012). He currently holds a 4th Dan black belt and has studied other martial arts (hapkido, shorin ryu karate and bojitsu). He is working as part of Master Scott Phelps program at Phelps Sport Taekwondo.

Class info

Participants are expected to practice with diligence, willingness to learn and with respect instructors as well as other participants. Bow prior to entering or leaving the dojang and when greeting others in the dojang. Participants are expected to have good hygiene, keep good language, keep good attitude and to be on time for class time. Be courteous to other practioners and instructors by keeping quiet if you arrive during other class times and especially during meditations.
Classes held at Plymouth Congregational Church are open to the public, and all participants are expected to respect the property and other people in the building. Your gift, or Dana, helps the church provide the space for class and to help provide updates to the space.
Sessions last 6-8 weeks with promotion testings at the end each session. You must obtain permission to test. Plymouth Congregational Church.


BeginnerClass Handout
The 5 Tenets and 5C's